Wayne Silva

The ultimate superhero!  Not only is he a health coach and inspirer to many, he also was a superhero to himself!

Wayne Silva at the OG, making his “Monkey Juice!”

Wayne was once fat, sick, and nearly dead!  For those like me who have heard his incredible story, IS THIS MAN NOT RIDICULOUSLY RAWESOME OR WHAT!?

He told me his story one sunny summer day outside while I was on my lunch break.  He was clipping on his bike helmet to go for another intense bike ride.  He said he was once over 400lbs on a hospital table, barely able to move.  He said he was basically dead, and you know what?  He wanted to live to see his son graduate!  He changed his lifestyle to a whole foods plant based diet and juicing, and now he lives with a tremendous “GRATITUDE ATTITUDE” (I’d say that’s his motto/slogan)(and I LOVE IT!)  This guy is incredible.  I hope everyone has a raw Wayne figure in their life that they turn to for that sheer appreciation of life and inspiration!

Oh! and his Monkey Juice:

  • 10oz coconut water and meat
  • 10 oz water
  • 2 bunches of kale
  • 2 frozen bananas i think maybe?
  • double shot of wheat grass (or more!)
  • aanndd something else ridiculously rawesome that i am probably forgetting!



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