Sarah Flynn-McCormack

All of my fitness success is a direct result of the amazing Sarah McCormack.  Fitness instructor energetic, entertaining, and enthusiastic~ she is always getting certified to teach new classes, expanding her practice, and increasing her knowledge.  A mother of 4+ children (the + representing people like me who she instinctively takes in as her own, haha) and a rawesome instructor of spin, yoga, zumba, senior magic, boot camp, muscle conditioning, piloxing, the list goes on…

I did my senior project (second semester senior year of high school internship) with her, observing, helping, and learning so much from her!  She helped me get Zumba certified and got me teaching songs during her class to make the transition to teaching my own classes much easier.  Thanks to her, I have enjoyed so many awesome fitness classes, having fun getting in shape and became a confident dance mania instructor at Purdue!

Today, I took her most recent certification, Piloxing. A combination of pilates and boxing, it was RIDICULOUSLY RAWESOME.  I loveeeed it and I hope to maybe teach it at Purdue in the future!  With weight gloves and traditionally taught barefoot, this was a super fun mix of cardio, and strength.  She also taught the best yoga class ever right after which made me oh sososo happy.  Her playlist consisting of my old faves that she always plays, One Day, Addicted to Love, Quelqu’un m’a dit, New Slang, Hide and Seek, and her class of flow and balance and strength and stretch and bird of paradise and crow variations and pidgen and happpy babyyy and a massage during savasana omfg you can’t beat it!

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mentor and instructor!!

Not to mention her spin class I went to yesterday!! AHH BEST SWEAT FEST EVERR  All her classes rock, what can I say?  She talked about reaching your threshold and is so knowledgeable and so fun!!  Funnest (not a word, don’t care) instructor out there!! I wanna teach just like her!


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