All Hail Raw!

Just got back from ❤ Whole Foods ❤ , back home in MA, and walking in the door was a wonderful woman handing out the most delicious, of course you say decedent in raw vegan!! These Hail Merry chocolate samples were ridiculous.  So smooth and fudgey and chocolateyy MM!

I also got a cute lil pamphlet, “ALL HAIL RAW! Craveable Snacks for Higher Heath  <3Raw<3Vegan<3Gluten-Free<3 ”  The pamphlet goes into the healing power of plant based oils in their raw state, and how plant fats reduce cholesterol and how their products are sweetened with maple syrup and raw blue agave and how they are suitable for diabetics!  Not to mention the pamphlet educates what “raw” is and why it is rawesome!  Which is immensely rawesome for the public to get exposed to this kind of info!!  I hope to do something like this at Purdue!

Keep spreading the word Hail Merry and Whole Foods!!


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