Who’s Counting?

My accidental 500 extra calories! :

1 medium sized banana: 105 calories

1 medium sized apple: 126 calories

1 tbs olive oil: 119 calories

1/4 cup walnuts: 193 calories

1/4 cup raisins: 108 calories

I chop these up into oatmeal and over salad or eat as a snack when I’m not even hungry!  I have never paid attention to calories before but after my ACE certification training last night we went over nutrition and how to best help participants loose weight: overall fewer calories consumed, more burned.  No type of fad diet or removing certain nutrients from ones diet is ever a good idea, if you are looking for long term health and happiness, a healthy lifestyle and consciousness is all that is necessary.  I practice a whole foods plant based lifestyle.  I don’t use it as a “diet” per say, to loose weight, it is my healthy lifestyle 🙂

BUT I am fascinated about these calorie counts, I believe I have been ingesting WAY more calories than necessary.  Like if you actually add up all the calories in the “my eats” you’d be appalled!  Not to mention I usually eat a bowl of granola with lots of peanuts, a banana, and soymilk for dessert!  Thats another extra 500 right there!  I once thought that since I wasn’t eating animal products, I could binge and binge and binge and nothing would effect me!  Well gang, a calorie is a calorie, and the food that I eat is actually way more calorie dense then an omnivore’s because it is its whole form, jam packed with nutrients!  Although unlikely, plant-basedies like me can get fat too!  Now that I realize I don’t need to eat more to meat (haha) my bodies needs, I feel a great calming sense of relief!



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