AnnMarie Schiavone

My group x fitness bud AnnMarie Schiavone >>click!! is SUCH an inspiration!  This girl isn’t just a turbo kick instructor and a marathon preparie, but she is a nutrition-knowlegdge goldmine as well!!  She teaches a great class here at Purdue and if you don’t click her name now and read her blog, you will be missing out on the greatest advice!

AnnMarie is another force in this world that makes me remember, excellence is not normal!  It’s ok to have huge goals and go after them!!

I love it how AnnMarie spreads love for fitness and healthy diet.  Not only is she giving work out advice at the trec and with group x participants, but, haha, at lunch yesterday, as her friend Max loaded his, fries was it?, with salt, AnnMarie joked, “have fun with that hypertension when you’re 40! haha!”  Something that I would never have the balls to say, (but of course think it!), AnnMarie has no shame in her passion and knowledge for proper nutrition and exercise, and I was happy to see her implementing that knowledge on her friend, who might thank her later for saying something!

You go girl! Keep it up! ❤


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