So many optionss!!

All vegan amazingness side dish of iraqi stew with lentil and chick pea, and balsamic portobello mushrooms, and in salad theres falafel, yummy bean sprout dish, and sweet and sour tofu! nom nom happy mardi gras!


2 thoughts on “So many optionss!!

  1. I used to love the portobellos but have gotten sick of them since the year progressed, they have too much of a meaty taste for me. I haven’t tried the iraqi stew yet and it wasn’t out at Windsor because I went at 2:30 today, is it good? Just had a delicious, vegan, super college-y dinner in my dorm: my mom’s homemade vegetable soup (literally just vegetable broth with veggies, but so yum) and i put about a half cup of Uncle Ben’s microwavable whole grain medley brown rice vegetable harvest in it for some substance. I know you’re not into packaged stuff…but definitely a homey tasting, quick meal.

  2. cool!! college life makes it hard to avoid packaged stuff, that sounds like a great quick meal! I’ll have to try it! maybe i’ll bring it to ace training soon! thanks for the idea, sounds really good!!

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