Branching Out

Okay, although pizza dough might have eggs in it, and is made with nasty refined white flour, I decided to branch out and try this pizza>> it was REALLY GOOD! I ended up getting a second piece!  The grilled veggies were delish too!  And you have no idea how happy I get when I see a quinoa dish!  HALLELUJAH!

Salad: Kale, carrots, red pepper>>wow I think that’s it!  On the side: quinoa and black bean dish, Greek Lathenia Pizza, and grilled veggies 🙂



2 thoughts on “Branching Out

  1. Loved the grilled veggies, it was like the fine folk at windsor gathered veggies in every color and grilled em’ up! I love that you call this post “branching out” rather than “slipping up” or something along the lines of being ashamed of straying from veganism…I am such a firm believer in striving for balance and I think if you’re constantly worried about fighting what you truly want to eat or do in order to adhere to what you’re head says to do, you miss out on some of life’s simple joys…like Greek Lathenia! I agree, it’s delish!

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