My Family <3

My family of supers:

Mother: Iris Reines, Organic shopper, in-shape walker, gourmet plant-based chef, defense advocate of animals and the environment; my mother is the rawesomest.  She is so supportive of everything I do, transitioning to a more plant based routine with recipe and product changes isn’t easy, but she does such an amazing job and I could not be more proud to call her my mother.  Thank you mom for introducing me to the snob diet and for continuous e-mailing and sending of inspirational articles and sites!  You’re incredible!! xoxo

Father: Eric Reines, The doctor of the future.  My dad deals with such poor unfortunate souls, I don’t know how he does it.  At 61 years old, he is a great bike-ride buddy and an awesome role-model for men his age.  I am really proud of how independent he is.  He never feels the need to prove he is a macho man, rather he is quiet and modest and always does what is right.  For that, people have the utmost respect for him.  Thanks for being in such great shape and for inspiring me with your values and morals.  With my mother always emphasizing how lucky we are and my father emphasizing morals and values, I have grown to have a deep appreciation for life and for health.  Thank you!! ❤

Sister: Mary Reines, Always there to talk to, to work out with, to make awesome food with, to fascinate with all of the annoying jargin I have to say, my sister Mary is incredible.  Always, (well almost always haha) kind and sweet, when she is inspired she can move mountains.  I have seen her accomplish goals and push herself to do things that most people don’t have the stamina to do.  With her new years resolution of a sexy and tone little bod, she was waking up and running a mile in 8 minutes every morning before breakfast, going with me to fitness classes and really improve her diet.  At 5’2″, she’s gonna rock the hottest little bod when she turns 20 March 31, watch out ladies, ya got some competition, and watch out fellas, you’re gonna have to work for this chick!!


2 thoughts on “My Family <3

  1. Your family is amazing. I am so lucky to have met you and your family. You are all inspiring people. Loveeeee this post! Family is truly the most important part of life! YOU RULE

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