Workout with James!

3 sets:  barbell lunges  (5 each leg, 10 total), 25lb squats (15 squats)

Seated Leg Press: tension whole time, legs don’t go all the way straight or back in, go out, hold for 2 seconds, repeat

  • 10 130lb squatting
  • 12 90lb calf raises
  • 10 110lb squats

4: jump to flex arm hang dropping slow and controlled to work muscles necessary for a pull up

up, up, and away!! haha working shoulders: 10lb dumbells

bar military/shoulder press: 1 set of 10, 1 set of 7

duel pulley row machine: works the lat muscle in the back

adjustable pulley machine: triceps

isolate biceps on bench, keeping shoulders square, keeping tension, hammer and regular curls

dumbell chest bench press

defining chest machine: seated fly


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