Tips for Kara!

My friend Kara is going vegan this week!!! WOOO!  In just one week, Kara will be saving lives of many animal friends, saving clean water, saving energy, saving gas, saving crops otherwise fed to livestock, preventing green house gases, animal excrement, AND SO MUCH MORE IN JUST ONE WEEK!!!

My tips:

  1. Think ahead and scope the scene!!  Think of what you know is at the dining courts that you can make something yummy out of ahead of time that you would like to nom nom on!!
  2. Fats are important>> although should not be the main component of your meal, good sources are avocado, coconut, nut butters, brazil nuts, almonds and be sure to include omega 3s: flax, walnuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and omega 6: i like olive oil
  3. Be iron conscious!  doctors always think that I am iron deficient..little did they know I have a higher iron count than my doctor!!!  dark leafy greens are the best sources of iron and iron is most easily absorbed with vitamin c, so try combining with peppers and/or broccoli!
  4. Dessert is important!  apple and peanut butter, chocolate soymilk and granola, a cutie, those vegan cookies from urban market! WOO


  • Dark leafy greens with vitamin c source
  • clean proteins>> beans, seeds, nuts
  • whole grains: brown/wild rice, quinoa, bulgar wheat, buckwheat

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